Vintage Article: How to Make a Golf Bag

One of my favorite parts about working on Fine Leatherworking business is reading the stories, tips and questions that we get from our readers. Together, we have so much collective leatherworking knowledge and wisdom, and it excites me to see us all learning and developing our skills together! To start this post, I just wanted to thank everyone that writes in to share their thoughts and insights. Keep the good stuff coming!

Recently, one of our readers sent us an email with a link to an old article that he stumbled upon, entitled, “How to Make a Golf Bag.” He had read our post on “Finding Out Of Print Leatherworking Books Near You” and thought that this might make a good follow-up. The article was written in 1962 for The Leather Craftsman Magazine and goes into some really great detail about the in’s and out’s of making a golf bag.

It would be easy to assume that making a golf bag is a long and complicated process, but after reading the author’s story and instructions, you might be surprised how simple the assembly is. With the help of one of Al Stohlman’s books, “How to Carve Leather” amongst a number of others, the author goes into detail about how he created the pattern, cut the leather, assembled the various pieces and stitched it all together. In addition to that, he added some notes on the tools and hardware that he used. Included in the write-up are some dated, but detailed drawings of the pre-assembled pieces and his construction process.

One of the best ways to improve your leatherworking skills is to practice outside of your comfort zone. Doing something that you’ve never done before will allow you to find the holes in your ability and technique. If you’re looking for something new to try or just want to have a little fun, consider improvising around the instructions provided in this article and seeing what kind of golf bag you can come up with! You can see the full write-up on how to make a golf bag by clicking here.

For other thoughts on why experimentation is important (and fun) for everyone, check out our post on Exploring New Designs. When is one time that you went outside of your comfort zone with your leatherworking? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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