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It is remarkable how many people carry credit cards, debit cards, and pockets these days. If you’re carrying a lot, it can take up valuable real estate in your back pocket. Whether you regularly use money and credit cards for purchases or even simply occasionally use them, credit cards and wallets are no longer wholly outdated.

Still, finding a pocket that holds whatever you require and looks well-made can be a real challenge, though it does not need to be. Whether you would like a sleek minimalist pocket to hold your passport, a smaller one for carrying cash, or a larger wallet designed specifically for your credit cards, here are some top picks. 1 thing about pockets is they can easily fit in to your trousers or dress pants with no problems at all. Among the most well-known styles today is the slim jeans kind. They’re incredibly slimming since they add little bling in front and they come in many different colors, like black, gray, or blue. A number of these slim jeans have a zipper at the front so that you can easily open them up and place things in them.

Another choice to keep in mind is that a slender pocket made out of nylon or leather. Leather wallets are always a good choice and are incredibly slimming, though they don’t look as trendy as their carbon-fiber counterparts. Nylon wallets are extremely sleek and contemporary looking and are often fairly affordable as well. A lot of men and women prefer them as they feel a great deal more protected than credit card wallets or even the more typical wallets. You can buy them in just about any colour and they look absolutely perfect with all sorts of clothing.

Should you buy a new pocket, though, you should take particular care to keep it clean. You never need to throw it out because it looks dirty and you will likely wind up losing money if you do that. To begin with, wallets aren’t utilized to being cleaned, so you’ll find that the dirt that comes off them is very hard to get out. It’s also wise to remember that wallets are not utilized to carrying around a lot of money, so if your loved one has a lot of credit cards and checks, you may want to consider getting a wallet just for those products.

Additionally, there are two kinds of wallets that you can buy: the plastic design or even the hank rfid wallet. The plastic pockets are usually the least expensive also. You can purchase them in many distinct colours and some even have front pocket options. These pockets are slim in front and they’re extremely durable. They are not nearly as slim as the slim wallet, however, so you’ll probably be able to tell the difference between both. The hank red wallet is most likely the most trendy of all of the wallets and it has just about every feature you could possibly need.

Regardless, of which sort of wallet you choose, there are loads of approaches to make it seem stylish. In case you have credit cards, large bills, and quite a few distinct forms of payment, then it is well worth looking at purchasing a slim design or a brand new pocket with more room. Even when you just have a couple tiny things such as a pair of mobile phones, you will be able to find a fashionable wallet that will hold them all. For most men, they do not consider fashion, but they’ll discover they can still look good with a fantastic new wallet. As soon as they start using theirs, they may consider buying a few more for distinct outfits they may need.
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7 Expert Tips On How To Choose The Right Men’s Wallet

I have seen many people underestimating the power of their wallets. To them, they are just a functional item they use to carry. As a result, they often end up with the wallets which are not really suitable for them.

You should pay more attention when you choose your wallets. There are a lot of them on the market with the different designs and styles. When you choose carefully, you would be able to buy a wallet that is catered to your needs. Not to mention that it will help to enhance your style significantly.

For all of the reason above, here are 7 expert tips to help you pick up the right men’s wallet for you:

Number 1: Choose A Neat Wallet

The wallet is an essential accessory that you should go simple. Simplicity is the best in this case. A simple and neat wallet with the plain color and even minimalist style is versatile. It can be used for both formal and casual events. In addition, that wallet will go well with most of the clothes in your wardrobe.

Keep in mind that a wallet will tell other people about your personality and your fashion sense as much as other clothes you put on. Hence, don’t go cheesy on your wallet or else people will think that you have a funny and particular style.

Number 2: Choose The Right Size For Your Wallet

You should avoid having an over-sized wallet. Don’t think that you need to buy a big wallet because you have a lot to carry with you. In addition, a fat wallet is very ugly. It will make it harder for you to slide the wallet into your trousers’ pocket. In addition, it will create a bulge and ruin your look.

Before you go on to buy a new wallet, clean out your wallet and place all of the items from your wallet on a table. Throw away things that you would never need any more such as the old bills or the expired gift cards. Remember to check your wallet on a frequent basis to get rid of all of the old stuff that you don’t need anymore.

Now when you know how much you will carry, it is the time for you to choose the right size for your wallet. If you tend to carry a lot of credit cards, go for a trifold wallet with a lot of credit card slots. On the other hand, if you only carry a few cards and not so many notes, you can choose a bifold wallet. And in case you only carry cash, go for a money clip holder.

Number 3: Don’t Limit Your Options Of Materials

The types and designs of wallets are not the only things that you should consider when you go out searching for your best wallet. You have more than 1 option of material rather than leather to choose from as well.

You can experiment with other available options such as cotton, polyester and canvas. They all have their own pros and cons. As a result, they will be suitable for different needs and requirements. You should think about them all in order to choose the material which you would like the most.

Number 4: Consider A Wallet As A Long Term Investment

Your wallet is indeed an investment that you should consider spending a decent amount of time and effort on it. Another factor that you need to consider is how much you want to spend on your wallet. The price ranges of wallets on the market vary a great deal. You can find a wallet which is as cheap as about 5 to 7 dollars. On the other hand, you should expect to pay around 250 to 300 dollars for a high-quality wallet.

In case you need a wallet to use for a long time, it is a good idea that you should invest a decent amount of money on a wallet. A high quality wallet from a reputational brand with the premium quality such as cowhide leather will last for a long time. In addition, it is an accessory to show off your fashion sense and your social status.

Number 5: Choose The Right Color For Your Wallet

In the tip number 1, I mentioned that you should choose a neat and simple wallet with a simple style. How about the color of your wallet that you should choose?

In this case, you need to think about the occasions at which you bring your wallet to. Your job profile also determines what color you should choose for your wallet.

For example, if you often carry your wallet to work and you are working in a bank, it is better if you opt for the dark colors like black or white. If you work for a creative agent, you can choose much more colorful patterns.

Number 6: Think About The Compartments Of Your Wallet

Colors, designs, and sizes are a few things that you need to consider to make sure your wallet will look as good as possible. On the other hand, the compartment design of your wallet is the factor that you need to think about if you care about the functionality of your wallet.

If you tend to carry a lot of stuff including your credit cards, the bills, and the banknotes, you should look for a wallet with a lot of different slots. Not only putting stuff into different compartments helps you to become more organized, it also helps to protect your credit cards from being damaged on the credit card strips.

There are some other wallets which contain slots for SIM cards and memory cards. Consider these wallets with these features if you tend to carry these things.

Last but not least, some wallets have the transparent pockets for your IDs and your driver license. It is a nice feature, helping you to save a lot of time from taking your cards out when you are asked to show your IDs.

Keep in mind that a wallet with a lot of compartments will increase its sizes.

Number 7: Consider the RFID Blocking Technology

In case of technologies featured on the wallet, the RFID blocking technology is worth considering. This technology helps to prevent the high-tech thieves from reading information on your credit cards and other cards of yours.

This feature is very useful if you have the habit of putting your wallet in your back pocket. Also when you go travelling to a new destination, your personal data will be safe and secure.

A wallet with the RFID technology will cost a little bit more but it is an investment worth considering if you tend to use a lot of credit cards.

Here are 7 most essential tips from the experts to help you choose the best wallet for men. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider including the design, the material, the size, the prices as well as the compartments of your wallets. You should also consider the RFID to ensure your data is secure from high-tech thieves. With all of the tips above, I am sure that you will be able to find the wallet that matches all of your needs and requirements in a short amount of time.


What to Look for When Buying a Wallet

Every man should have a wallet. Any man who doesn’t have one probably stopped carrying it because it got too old, or maybe because it got lost or stolen.

Buying a wallet is quite a simple thing.

However, you need to know exactly what you are looking for, and what the trend is in the world of wallets.

Otherwise, any salesperson will sway you into buying poor quality products, or even less stylish/ convenient ones for very high price.

So what exactly do you need to look for in a wallet?

1. The material it is made of

For many reasons, this is the first thing you need to consider when buying a wallet.



Good quality wallets are made of leather, although the choice really is yours.

Most are made of cow leather, although you can still find more expensive ones made of alligator leather. Sheep leather is also used for such purposes.

Many fake forms of leather exist in the market, and telling the difference can be quite difficult, especially if it is your first time purchasing leather products.

Fake leather products typically last for a shorter time compared to real leather, although the difference is also usually made up for in the price.

A good way to tell real leather from fake leather is to check the edges of the wallet. Real leather has rough edges while fake leather has smoother edges.

Real leather also has inconsistently placed pores on its surface, while fake leather has consistently placed pores on its surface.

If you have the time, you can also learn the difference in smell between real leather and fake leather.

Most wallets made of real leather also advertise the same on the wallets. Fake leather wallets might leave out the issue of the material entirely, or simply say it is made of manmade materials.

Leather wallets usually come in black or brown colors.



Cotton is used to make much cheaper wallets.

Cotton wallets come in a larger variety of colors, making it great for matching whatever you wear.

On the flip side, cotton wallets do not last as long as leather wallets.

Ideally, you should not wear tight clothes or place the wallet in tight pockets since this will cause the wallet to wear and tear faster.

Silk and Nylon


Silk and nylon are more rarely used materials in the making of wallets.

Silk wallets are among the more expensive wallets, although not as expensive as leather wallets.

On the other hand, nylon wallets are very cheap, and regarded among the least classic wallets to own.

Random materials


Random materials are used to make wallets that imitate leather or cotton.

The actual material used to make the wallet could be old tires or vehicle seat belts.

Of course, such wallets are sold at a fraction of the cost of a similar real material wallet.

However, the resulting wallet is always a cheaper imitation which wears and tears very fast.

The type of wallet

The second thing you need to consider is the type of wallet you need.

Wallets have all sorts of features, some even having zipper pockets for the storage of coins.

Here are the different types of wallets:

Foldable wallets


Foldable wallets are the most common wallets for men.

They could either be bi-fold or tri-fold.

As you might have guessed, bi-fold wallets can only fold once, while tri-fold wallets fold two times.

Tri- fold wallets have three sides, which fold over each other.

Foldable wallets have been the standard wallets for men for many years, and are your best bet when it comes to any environment where style matters.

Minimalist wallet


Minimalist wallets are very slim and meant to carry very few items.

At most, a minimalist wallet can carry four cards.

Minimalist wallets are great for people who like to wear well-tailored clothes.

Other wallets easily cause a bulge in the pocket because of the size of the wallet. A minimalist wallet eliminates this problem.

The downside is that you will not have the capacity to carry around a lot of money.

If you need to carry coins, a minimalist wallet will probably not be the best for you.

With that said, you can find an alternative place to keep your coins, and comfortably walk around with your minimalist wallet.

Travel wallets


A travel wallet is the exact opposite of a minimalist wallet.

Such wallets are meant to accommodate all documents you need when travelling, including your passport. This clearly explains why such wallets are larger in size.

Travel wallets can save you a great deal of stress when it comes to storing your documents.

In your bag, the documents would probably get scattered and lost.

Travel wallets are also good for the storage of coins, which will probably be necessary to have on you when travelling.

In many countries, coins are still used a lot.

Breast Pocket Wallet


Long wallets are meant to store bills without any folding.

Usually, these are meant to be kept in the pocket of a trench coat, the breast pocket of a jacket, or simply in a bag.

Long wallets are also slim, but can store several cards and bills.

Accordion Wallet


An accordion wallet is similar to a long wallet, except for the size.

Accordion wallets are bigger in size and are meant to hold more items.

Such wallets also have zippers to keep the contents more secure.

However, zippers in wallets are not considered very classy.

Extra Tips

Don’t bother searching for a wallet that can also carry coins. You can simply keep your coins in your pocket.

Classic wallets do not have zippers.

The most common colors for wallets are black and brown.


With these guidelines, you should be able to find a wallet that suits you.

Whether male or female, wallets are not just a means of carrying money and cards.

A wallet is also a show of your style and class, and you should always go for one which appropriately expresses your style.


What is, in your opinion, the best wallet (for males)?

1.Tactical EDC

Made of genuine leather, this men’s wallet brand offers the best in security and functionality. With its thin frame, you can very easily carry it either in your pocket or fastened to your clothing.

Given its size, fastening it may be a preferred method of toting the Tactical EDC wallet, but you don’t have to worry about security.

The additional tools are made from aluminum and carbon stainless steel, this particular men’s wallet brand meets all of the required standards to be sold as an RFIC blocking wallet. This means that thieves and crooks cannot scan the details of the cards inside these leather wallets.

In addition to typical functions of normal wallets, Tactical EDC wallets are more like a Swiss Army knife. In addition to keeping your cards and ID secure, there are several other uses.

You will have the following items when you keep this brand of men’s wallet on you:

Small saw
Paracord tensioner
Nail pryer
10/15mm hex
This is in addition to the 12 cards (including ID) that you can store in it. These additional features do mean that these leather wallets are a bit larger than you may be accustomed to carrying, although it is less bulky than traditional men’s wallet brands.

If you want to be prepared for anything at any time, this is one of the best wallets for men on this list. ​

If you need to travel, you can remove the additional tools without trouble. This allows you to easily modify the EDC wallet so that you can board a flight without having issues with security.

2.Herschel Roy RFID

If you want a men’s wallet brand that is more traditional yet includes the security of modern technology, this bifold is one of the best brands of wallets that fits the bill.

Made of polyester, it is incredibly easy to hand wash so that you can keep it looking clean (even if you spill coffee on it).

As its name suggests, this brand of bi-fold wallet has RFID blocking included in its construction, so that all of your cards are safe from unauthorized scanning.

Unlike many of the other men’s wallets with similar functionality, the Herschel Roy RFID bi-fold wallets have the same look and organization of traditional bifold brands of wallets. This means you don’t have to dig through a small stack of plastic to find the card you need. You can place your cards in different divided areas for easy access. Cash goes in the traditional back area.

You can place small papers, coupons, or other items in with the cash as needed.

Best of all, these bifold wallets are thin, making it easy to slide it into and out of your clothing. The thinness also makes it less obvious where the wallet is, reducing the risk of pickpocketing.

You are also able to choose from a wider selection than average secure wallets. The following options are available for the Herschel Roy RFID bifold wallets:

Solid colors (black, red/navy
Houndstooth and Navy polyester
Light Khaki crosshatch or forest night
Peacoat gridlock
Raven crosshatch
Woodland camouflage
This allows you to choose something that matches your look or desired style without having to worry about compromising the security of your cards.

3. Jack Spade Dipped Leather Slim Billfold Wallet

​This is easily one of the best men’s wallet brands on this list, it is a stylish and functional bi-fold wallet available at a reasonable price.

Made from 100% leather, this men’s wallet is incredibly durable and chic. The interior is cotton with a polyethylene lining so that your cards are protected from the weather and exterior threats.

​Given that it is a bifold wallet, the construction is very flexible. If you do not have any need for cards (just cash), then you can roll it up and store the bifold wallet in a less obvious place.

The exterior design is also singular in its style. The combination of black leather dipped in black gives it a look that makes it less obvious when exposed to the eye of an observer.

There are three areas to slip items like your ID and paper cards so that they are safe. Plastic cards can be placed in one of six card slots for easier access.

Take the time to organize your bifold wallet so that you don’t have to hunt for the right card for each situation. Your cash can be slipped in the back so that you always have access to it without pulling out other items. If needed, you can also tuck a piece of paper or small document neatly folded into the area.


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